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Responsible Lending

CTL’s Responsible Lending™ philosophy focuses on setting you up for long term success. We assess your personal financial situation and ensure that the terms of the loan and monthly payments are manageable for you.

CTL’s Rate Reducing Loan – It’s All About Saving You Money

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CTL — Canada’s Vehicle Finance Company

CTL is a Canadian-owned, national auto finance company that specializes in providing finance solutions to Canadians who need to buy a car but can’t obtain traditional bank financing.

At CTL our goal is to become the preferred source of financing for the over 5 million Canadians who do not fit within the parameters of our national lenders. We understand the needs of our customers, many of who are friends, neighbours and professionals in our community who, for whatever the circumstance, have not fallen within the borrowing confines of traditional lenders and are forced to go elsewhere. We understand that everyone experiences unexpected life moments, many of which can impact your personal financial situation.

Working closely with our over 1500 dealer partners across Canada, CTL has helped thousands of people in similar situations obtain vehicle financing. We've watched them successfully rebuild their credit, allowing them to more easily secure financing in the future. We've seen them pay off their loans early and experience significant savings by taking advantage of our Rate Reducing Loan, a loan that rewards consumers committed to rebuilding their credit by reducing the loan interest rate by up to ten per cent each year for the entire term of the loan.

CTL's Responsible Lending philosophy ensures our borrowers are set up for success from the onset. We examine your personal financial situation to determine loan terms, ensuring payments fit with your budget thus eliminating undue stress associated with taking on too much debt. It works. That's why we have financed thousands of loans, making us one of the largest institutions in the Canadian non-traditional vehicle loan market, and why we have seen so many of our borrowers save money, pay their loans off early and increase their credit score.

CTL is part of Industrial Alliance Insurance Financial Services Inc., a major player in the Canadian insurance market where it serves three million people across the country and ranks fourth among Canadian insurance companies.

CTL financing is provided through our dealer partners. To find a dealer near you, please email us at info@ctlcorp.ca or call us at 1-855-378-5626 (LOAN).

Responsible Lending. Generates success. Generates smiles.

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